Cloud Upload for Formidable Forms

A Formidable Forms Addon that allows for the uploading of media items to an S3 compatible bucket. Store your uploaded files to Amazon AWS S3, WASABI or Digital Ocean Spaces with ease! 

Important Features

  • Dedicated Settings page within the Admin Dashboard.
    • Set Endpoint
    • Key
    • Secret Key
    • Bucket Name – if a bucket doesn’t already exist, a new one will be created.
    • Large File Wait Message – add a custom message to your users if the file being uploaded exceeds 50MB.
  • New Form Builder Field!
    • A new upload field (Cloud Upload) has been added to the Formidable Forms Form Builder.  Easily add this field to your forms.
      • The new field maintains all native functions of the original upload field.
      • Add as many upload fields as needed, useful in multi-page forms.
  • Image previews are native in Formidable Views or Edit-In-Place functions.  Simply add the Field ID within the view (no extra shortcode required).
    • Thumbnails are generated for images only, all other files show file names with a download link.
  • Cloud Sync – Any files deleted from the Cloud Upload field (when in front-end edit mode or entry deletion), will sync to the cloud bucket, allowing you to control clutter and maintain space in your bucket, without accessing your cloud accounts separately.


  • Perfect for sites utilizing Formidable Forms, but are limited in web server space or are concerned with using Zapier to connect to cloud platforms (this addon does away with the middle man).

Demo Form

File Upload to Cloud
Maximum upload size: 600MB

Demo View

[datatables sort=”0″ order=”desc”]

Date/Time File Title File Edit Delete
03/20/2022 17:59:18 1476-047A4339.jpg
04/08/2022 13:59:05 1486-0O6A0007.jpg
07/06/2022 13:07:47 2532-stock-photo-responsive-web-design-on-mobile-devices-phone-laptop-and-tablet-pc-291164888.jpg
07/06/2022 19:38:31
08/13/2022 08:17:20 2802-IMG_7034.jpg
09/10/2022 12:31:23 2857-C4438F8C-DC56-4F77-A350-0A3E4FDCB602.png
09/24/2022 15:42:03 2860-SML-prikazni-č.-PRI-16-2022-Jiří-Chobot.pdf
10/04/2022 14:54:46 2869-SMLOUVA-O-NAJMU-KRATKODOBA-230.pdf
10/06/2022 05:50:15 2871-B64D540C-15D8-45C8-AAFE-86F4927A4FB6.jpeg
10/06/2022 06:33:40 2873-047A1714.jpg
10/06/2022 11:43:39 2875-A37E0F89-F282-4EE9-A9F4-910DAD5056CB.jpeg
10/06/2022 11:43:39 2875-A37E0F89-F282-4EE9-A9F4-910DAD5056CB.jpeg
11/23/2022 09:21:42
11/23/2022 09:21:42
11/24/2022 00:52:10 2932-047A1629.jpg
02/19/2023 20:24:15 3064-Example-Offcenter.png
04/24/2023 11:33:41 4038-Rising-Damp-Internal-Wall-tidemark.jpeg
04/24/2023 11:33:41 4038-Rising-Damp-Internal-Wall-tidemark.jpeg
07/11/2023 08:10:44 4403-047A7629.jpg
04/19/2024 11:14:42 Hi 5037-Eaton-3S-Gen-2-Datasheet_de-de.pdf